Magrain pellet plaster
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Gold | Transparent | A00001618,40 €15,88 €14,20 €
Gold | Skin-colored | A00001718,40 €15,88 €14,20 €
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Silver | Skin-colored | A00001915,88 €14,20 €12,52 €
Steel | Transparent | A00002015,04 €13,36 €11,68 €

The alternative to press needles by Sakamura (Japan).

The small pellets (Ø 1.2 mm) are fixed to a round, anti-allergenic plaster (Ø 7 mm).

With constant pressure, they exert a mechanical stimulus on the acupuncture points (ear or body points). The different material surfaces of the pellets should also have an additional ionising effect that is, however, not scientifically proven.

Available as

  • transparent plaster or
  • skin-coloured plaster

To ensure optimum adhesion of the plaster, clean the skin before applying the plaster and do not apply to damp or greasy skin.

To minimise the risk of allergic reactions, the manufacturer has been using alatex-free acrylic resin adhesive since theend of 2015.

Classification Cosmetic product
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