Healing with oil-scraping massage: Gua sha scrapers and supplies

The oil-scraping technique has long been widely used among TCM therapists in Asia. In the treatment, the therapist uses scraping tools made of horn, wood, plastic or jade to massage parts of the connective tissue. This stimulates acupressure and acupuncture points among other things. The procedure is similar to having a cockroach on the skin, because the therapist pulls or pushes the tools over the fasciae.
Oil is used for the massage so that the scraper glides smoothly under increased pressure. Like cupping, unattractive but harmless discolouration may appear on the connective tissue for a short period of time. However, given the scraper tools used are blunt and always have rounded edges, any discolouration usually does not last long.

The shape, size and material of the gua sha scraper tools can vary, although these tools are rarely larger than the palm of a hand. For the different areas of application on the body, tools exist in various shapes such as combs, duck feet, plates, and fish-shaped or S-shaped scrapers made of wood, jade, horn, plastic or metal.

Alongside classic gua sha scrapers, other instruments such as dermarollers, neurological needle rollers or micro-needle rollers, needle stamps, massage sticks and other tools can be used in massage of the connective tissue.

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