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Ergonomic massage and Gua Sha tool for myofascial therapy - developed by the Danish designer and alternative medicine practitioner Martin Heskier.

It facilitates efficient and precise body work treatments for professionaltherapists. Its unique design helps to generate the desired pressure with ease and less effort.

Made of nylon (medical grade) by Clariant in Malmö, Sweden Cleaned with water and some soap and can occasionally be autoclaved

The Heskiers tool allows for a new Gua Sha technique due to its protrusions, edges and curves.

Informative and instructive application examples in English can be found on the YouTube channel of the inventor Martin Heskier.

The following "handles" are possible:

  • Index Finger
  • Outward hook
  • Thumb
  • Inward hook
  • Thumb on back
  • Small curve
  • Lower palm protrusion
  • Large curve
  • Double Gua Sha curve
  • Big Gua Sha curve

The Heskiers method is combinable and compatible with every other body work technique.

Warning: Use of the Heskiers One Tool can result in injury if strong pressure is applied. Please contact your doctor or therapist if you have any questions.

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