Acufast acupuncture needle - coated
Content: 1,000 needles
Item #: A011948
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33,90 €31,90 €29,90 €
Quantity Diameter Length
0.16 mm/Gauge 1 15 mm/0.5 in
0.16 mm/Gauge 1 30 mm/1.2 in
0.18 mm/Gauge 2 15 mm/0.5 in
0.18 mm/Gauge 2 30 mm/1.2 in
0.20 mm/Gauge 3 15 mm/0.5 in
0.20 mm/Gauge 3 30 mm/1.2 in
0.20 mm/Gauge 3 40 mm/1.5 in
0.22 mm/Gauge 4 40 mm/1.5 in
0.25 mm/Gauge 5 30 mm/1.2 in
0.25 mm/Gauge 5 40 mm/1.5 in
0.25 mm/Gauge 5 50 mm/2.0 in
0.30 mm/Gauge 8 40 mm/1.5 in
0.30 mm/Gauge 8 50 mm/2.0 in
0.30 mm/Gauge 8 60 mm/2.5 in
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Acufast® is a new environmentally friendly acupuncture needle brand. The manufacturer has opted for metals with low environmental impact, reduced packaging sizes and recycled, biodegradable materials for the packaging whilst making no compromised for the patient. Acufast® acupuncture needles are not only particularly environmentally friendly in terms of waste reduction; they also have excellent puncture and sliding properties.

Acufast® needles have a metal spiral handle made of surgical grade stainless steel. They are machine sharpened for precision tips and are coated with medical silicone to allow very gentle insertion. Acufast® needles are vacuum-sealed in sachets of 10 per blister. The blisters are made of PET plastic and are 100% recyclable. All blisters have a patented, easily tearable closure that makes opening easy and effortless. The cardboard boxes in which the bags are packaged are made from sugar cane fibers (bagasse) and are therefore biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

Compared to leading brands, Acufast® takes up minimal shipping space with the least packaging on the market for 1000 needles. This reduced packaging, results in less amount of environmental pollution caused by burning fossil fuels necessary for transportation. In combination with reused sugar cane fiber boxes, reusable plastic guide tubes and additional accessories, Acufast® is really a smart choice for your practice and our polluted planet!

Product details

  • Spring handle needles without eyelet
  • Surgical grade stainless steel needle
  • Precise tip cut for gentle acupuncture
  • Biodegradable cardboard made from sugar cane fibers (Bargasse)
  • Pouch pack are 100% recyclable and are made of PET1 plastic
  • 10 needles per vacuum-sealed pouch
  • Pack of 1,000 acupuncture needles
  • CE certified
Brand/Manufacturer Acufast
Needle Type Non-looped steel coil handle
Needle Material Steel needle -coated
Guide Tube Optional
Blister-/Sterile-Packaging 10 p. blister
Content 1.000 needles
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