Acufast® Guide Tubes
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Less waste with the environmentally friendly guide tubes from Acufast®

  • Only 1 guide tube required per patient
  • Environmentally friendly due to the reduced thickness of the guide tube and
  • fully recyclable plastic bags
  • 5 guide tubes per bag

The Acufast® guide tubes are compact, flexible and can be easily squeezed together. This enables a multitude of new needle techniques. For further instructions, please watch the following video. 

Calculation of the number of bags required

Calculate the necessary average number of acupuncture needles of the same needle size per patient. Then divide the number 1,000 (number of acupuncture needles in 1 Acufast® pack) by this number. The resulting number is the number of patients you can treat with one Acufast® needle pack. To find the number of packets with guide tubes, all you have to do is divide this number by 5.


  • 20 needles are required per patient. I.e. 1000/20 patients = 50 patients can be treated with one pack of Acufast® needles,
  • I.e. 50 guide tubes are required. Since each bag contains 5 guide tubes, you will need 50/5 bags = 10 bags.

As a formula:
(1,000 / number of acupuncture needles of the same size used per patient) / 5

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