TeWa 5KB-Type Speed Pack
Content: 1,000 needles
Item #: A000884
28,49 €28,49 €26,81 €25,13 € plus VAT plus shipment
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28,49 €26,81 €25,13 €
Quantity Diameter Length + guide tubes
0.20 mm/Gauge 3 25 mm/1.0 in
0.20 mm/Gauge 3 40 mm/1.5 in
0.25 mm/Gauge 5 25 mm/1.0 in
0.30 mm/Gauge 8 30 mm/1.2 in
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Coated TeWa acupuncture needles with a metal tube handle without loop, packaged in a convenient pack of 5 needles in the blister.

The surface coating specially developed for medical instruments ensures good puncture and sliding properties.

Product features

  • Acupuncture needles with a metal wire handle without loop
  • Almost painless puncture through a puncture-friendly tip geometry and additional surface coating
  • With optional guide tube (freeof charge)*
  • Sterile packaged in a pack of 5 needles per blisters
  • Pack of 1,000 acupuncture needles
  • Made in China
    CE-certified medical product (CE0197)

* Please indicate on your order if optional guide tubes are requested.

Brand/Manufacturer TeWa
Needle Type Non-looped steel coil handle
Needle Material Steel needle -coated
Guide Tube Optional
Blister-/Sterile-Packaging 5 p. blister
Content 1.000 needles
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