TeWa DPB-Type Detox
Content: 1,000 needles
Item #: A000724
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29,90 €27,90 €25,90 €
Quantity Diameter Length
0.16 mm/Gauge 1 7 mm/0.25 in
0.20 mm/Gauge 3 13 mm/0.5 in
0.22 mm/Gauge 4 7 mm/0.25 in
0.22 mm/Gauge 4 13 mm/0.5 in
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These coated acupuncture needles are extra small and thin and are therefore especially suited to sensitive areas of the body, such as the face.

The surface coating specially developed for medical instruments ensures good puncture and sliding properties.

Product features

  • With a fluorescent plastic handle
  • An almost painless puncture through a puncture-friendly tip geometry and additional surface coating
  • Without a guide tube
  • Sterile packaged with 5 needles each in dual pack of blisters
  • Pack of 1,000 acupuncture needles
  • Made in China
  • CE-certified medical product (CE0123)
Brand/Manufacturer TeWa
Needle Type Plastic handle
Needle Material Steel needle -coated
Guide Tube Without guide tube
Blister-/Sterile-Packaging 10 p. blister
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