Seirin Pyonex Press Needles
Content: 100 needles
Item #: A000568
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16,95 €16,45 €15,90 €14,95 €
Quantity Color Diameter Length
Orange 0.11 mm/Gauge 02 0.3 mm/0.01 in
Yellow 0.15 mm/Gauge 01 0.6 mm/0.03 in
Green 0.17 mm/Gauge 1 0.9 mm/0.04 in
Blue 0.20 mm/Gauge 3 1.2 mm/0.05 in
Pink 0.20 mm/Gauge 3 1.5 mm/0.06 in
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The Seirin Pyonex acupuncture needles have been specifically developed for semi-permanent acupuncture and are available in four different colour-coded lengths.

They are applied by gently pressing on the skin. The breathable plaster allows for precise and lasting fixation after gentle placement of the needle.

They can be used for body and ear points. The press needles are stimulated by applying finger pressure to the easily tangible pressure point made of synthetic resin incorporated into the plaster. The special design of the Seirin New Pyonex allows for safe, hygienic and easy handling.

Product features

  • Product feature
  • Uncoated acupuncture needle
  • On a breathable Micropore™ plaster, waterproof with a latex-free adhesive
  • Sterile Sterile packaged in a single blister
  • Pack of 100 acupuncture needles
  • Made in Japan
  • CE-certified medical product (CE0123)
Brand/Manufacturer Seirin
Needle Type Semi-permanent needle
Needle Material Steel needle - non-coated
Blister-/Sterile-Packaging 1 p. blister
Content 100 needles
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