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The following sets are tailored to the seminars offered by the Association Belge des Médecins Acupuncteurs (ABMA/BVAA) Belgium.

ABMA/BVAA training set - I

ABMA/BVAA training set - II

Belgium Association of Medical Doctors Acupuncturists (ABMA/BVAA).

The ABMA / BVAA is the oldest medical acupuncture assosiation and indeed the only representative in Belgium. It is bilingual and represents French-speaking and Dutch-speaking acupuncturists trained in our school or approved by it.

The foundation dates back to 1973 and is - for the scientific research on medical acupuncture and for the preparation of the new legal status of acupuncture in Belgium -, the privileged interlocutor of the Health Authorities: ministries, chambers accreditation, mutual funds, Royal Belgian Academy of Medicine, private insurance, etc ...

Each year, the ABMA / BVAA devotes significant sums to the professional defense and promotion of medical acupuncture in Belgium by giving lectures in the various Faculties of Medicine in the country.

The ABMA / BVAA invests in safeguarding the interests of acupuncturist physicians, because they believe that the technique of acupuncture is a medical act requiring knowledge that only doctors of medicine possess, (prior establishment of a Western diagnosis, choice of the most suitable therapy and if it is acupuncture, its correct application and without risk for the patient).

Abroad, it is also the ABMA / BVAA which represents Belgium in all the international acupuncture congresses to which it sends a delegate. In the same concern for exchanges and harmonization, the program of its school of acupuncture - the Ecole Belge d’Acupuncture Médicale - with control of knowledge correspond to the standards in force in other countries of the European Union.

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