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Die folgenden Sets sind speziell auf die Anforderungen der Kurse und Seminare der Asociación Científica de Médicos Acupuntores "Huang Di" de Sevilla (ACMASHUANGDI) in Spanien zugeschnitten.

ACMASHUANGDI training set

Asociación Científica de Médicos Acupuntores "Huang Di" de Sevilla (ACMASHUANGDI)

The promotion of research, study and teaching of acupuncture, as well as its complementary and derived techniques.

The ongoing training of all its members through courses, round tables, seminars, etc. as well as publications, where an exchange of knowledge and experiences will be established between them.

The dissemination and promotion of the interests that are common to its members, as well as the non-common ones susceptible to it.

Contact and collaboration with other related regional, autonomous, national and international organizations, to establish relationships and agreements that are deemed appropriate, as well as carry out knowledge exchanges at all levels.

The next course was organized with the support of the Sociedad Andaluza del Dolor y Asistencia Continuada and will take place in Seville in June 2021: XXVII Jornadas del Curso Internacional Acupuntura Farmacopea y Dolor.

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