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Set I (3,400 needles) | A01250499,00 €
Set II (3,600 needles, moxa + book) | A012505134,00 €

The following sets are tailored to Nadia Volf's Acuseminars at the Académie Dr Nadia Volf.

ACUSEMINARS training set - I

  • 2x TeWa CB-Type 1625
  • 2x TeWa CB-Type 1640
  • 3x TeWa SpeedPak 5CB-1625

ACUSEMINARS training set - II

Similar to training set I but includes the paperback L'Acupuncture pour les Nuls, a humorous introduction to acupuncture with many illustrations.

  • 3x TeWa CB-Type 1625
  • 3x TeWa CB-Type 1640
  • 3x TeWa SpeedPak 5CB-1625
  • 1x Smokeless Moxa sticks
  • 1x L'Acupuncture pour les Nuls
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