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The following sets are tailored to the seminars offered by Dr. Paola Poli at the Associazione Lombarda Medici Agopuntori (ALMA) in Milano, Italy.

POLI training set - I

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Dr. Paola Poli - The teacher

Dr. Poli graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 2003 and at ALMA and Federazione Italiana delle Società di Agopuntura (FISA) in 2006.

She continued her education at the University Clinical Practice of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Nanjing (China) where she gradueted in 2007, and received the ‘Certificate of the annual course of Postgraduate in Acupuncture and Complementary Methods” at ALMA school and the Certificate of Qigong Operator recognized ALMA and FISTQ.

In 2005 she also obtained the certificate of auricular acupuncture Acudetox.

Dr. Poli hass been practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine at her clinic in Milan since 2004. She is a teacher of acupuncture and Chinese medicine at the ALMA School of Acupuncture and FISA.

She teaches the three-year course of qigong operators recognized ALMA and the Italian Federation of Tuina and Qigong Schools (FISTQ) as well as at some Master organized by Stratal University of Milan.

She participates at conferences and seminars of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in Italy, Europe and USA, and has a focus on oncology acupuncture and acupuncture in an emergency.

Her articles can be found in italians journals, principals on "FISA news" and "Olos e Logos - Dialoghi di Medicina Integrata"

Dr Paola Poli has a variety of functions through which she endorses and promotes acupuncture and Chinese medicine.
Amongst other:

  • President of AGOM-Acupuncture in the World.
  • Member of the Board of ICMART.
  • Chief of the ALMA courses of acupuncture, qigong, taijiquan and TCM.
  • Coordinator of the research commission at the FISA since 2016.
  • Commission's member of MNC the OMCeOMI- Order of physicians of Milan
  • Treasurer of FISTQ

Associazione Lombarda Medici Agopuntori (ALMA) School of Acupuncture

One of the oldest Italian associations.

ALMA is an association of physicians devoted to study, research, dissemination and teaching of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.

ALMA was founded in Milan on April 9, 1978 thanks to the intuition and commitment of a group of doctors who are experts in acupuncture, including Dr. Giovanni Valentino, who was its President for a long time and later Honorary President.

Having quickly crossed the regional borders, ALMA, the Lombard Association of Acupuncturists, soon took on a national dimension.

ALMA is equivalent to a second level University Master and is accredited to the Lombardy Region (...)

ALMA is an association of doctors dedicated to the study, research, dissemination and teaching of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.

ALMA is an accredited school by the International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques (ICMART) and regognized by Italian Federation of Acupuncture Societies (FISA).

The associations activities however go well beyond education: through its NGO Acupuncture in the World (AGOM) it aims at ...

... putting in contact volunteers acupuncturists doctors with organizations who need medical help, and providing information and facilitation for this purpose.

Therefore the aim of Association is to facilitate the contact between acupuncturists who want to do volunteer work with medical acupuncture and foreign structures that need help.

AGOM has been active in Calcutta (India), Lusaka (Zambia), Quito (Ecuador) and Kathmandu (Nepal), and also operates a free Oncology clinic of acupuncture in Milan with the aim to provide free, complementary acupuncture treatments to improve the quality of life of the patient suffering from oncology diseases.

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