Training Sets SAME
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The following sets are tailored to the seminars offered by the Spanish Medical Acupuncture Society, the Sociedad de Acupuntura Médica de España (SAME) in Spain.

Training set SEMA - I

  • 10x TeWa CB-Type 2513
  • 1x Servobox Disposal Systems - small, 500 ml

The "Sociedad de Acupuntura Médica de España" (SAME)

SAME, founded in 1999, is a medical scientific association whose mission is to promote Medical Acupuncture as a medical technical procedure, disseminate its clinical effectiveness, encourage its scientific research, enhance its medical teaching and defend its legal practice.

People with Bachelors or Graduates in Medicine who work or are interested in the purposes of the Society can belong to SAME.

SAME seeks to safeguard the interests of acupuncturists and the safety of patients. One of its aims is to fight for Acupuncture to be recognized as a medical specialty by the Spanish health system and included in its portfolio of health services.

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