Acupuncture supplies in practice - Medical supplies for the seamless treatment of your patients

Alongside acupuncture supplies, medical supplies are also required in the everyday practice of doctors and alternative medicine practitioners to ensure seamless and efficient treatment of patients. For this reason, it is both necessary that all tools and instruments are accessible quickly and easily, and that hygienic standards are adhered to. Patients should, of course, also feel comfortable. High-quality acupuncture supplies and the correct devices fulfil these requirements and simplify acupuncture treatment.

Your medical supplies - Our range for everything relating to acupuncture

In the online shop of acupunctureworld you will find medical and alternative medicine supplies of the best quality and at fair prices.

Point locators, EMS and TENS devices

Point locators, point locating devices and push buttons facilitate the identification of acupuncture points on the body, while EMS and TENS devices serve to provide electrostimulation.

Models, literature & wall charts

Acupuncture treatment requires knowledge, skill and experience. We offer various acupuncture mannequins and models for training or illustration that depict, for example, the human anatomy with the meridians or the acupuncture points on the ear. These models can be used to practice on or to explain the treatment to patients. Our anatomy posters, acupuncture wall charts and diagrams are also suitable for this.

For the continuing education and training of doctors, alternative medicine practitioners and interested parties, we offer specialist literature, such as from Urban & Fischer and Elsevier. The books and specialist literature from these renowned publishers cover various topics on the subject of acupuncture and are valued by many acupuncturists as practical reference materials.

Surgical instruments, trays and bowls

Surgical instruments, forceps and arterial clamps are also included in the range. We also stock kidney dishes and instrument trays made of plastic or stainless steel for simple and hygienic depositing of instruments.

Blood sampling: Swabs, lancets and more

We offer relevant supplies associated with blood sampling like twisted gauze swabs and alcohol swabs, general tools for wound care, or blood lancets for microphlebectomy in leech therapy.

Hygiene & disinfection in practice

Cleanliness and sterility have the highest priority in treatment rooms. In the online shop, you can obtain all important disinfectants to keep your acupuncture equipment, instruments and hands clean. Regardless of Sterillium, Cutasept, Meliseptol, Softasept, Helipur or Korsolex products, you do not need to search for long at acupunctureworld. For the disposal of used needles after acupuncture treatment, we offer various cannula disposal containers that comply with hygiene regulations.

We of course also offer important consumables such as "medical crepe paper", which are rolls of paper that are used as a reclining surface on treatment beds, in various sizes and lengths.