Multi-Safe twin
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A safe way to dispose of pointed and sharp objects.
Sarstedt takes into account that all of their disposal boxes comply at least with TRBA 250 and guarantee the safe handling of the disposal boxes.
Of course, they also meet the regulations of ISO 23907. These differ from TRBA 250 in that it is generally not just about shape or appearance, but about resistance (wall thickness, drop tests from a height of 1.20 m, etc.) .

The stripping plate enables all common cannulas, blood collection systems and insulin pens to be pulled off or twisted off safely and easily.

The Multi-Safe twin is equipped with a circumferential locking edge so that the lid clicks into place both visibly and clearly audibly.

The Multi-Safe twin has a red day lid that can be opened and closed again and again for daily use. By firmly pressing the day cover into the cover opening, the box is securely closed for disposal. The closure cap is equipped with a hinge so that it cannot spring back into its starting position and prevent the cannula from being removed.

Product details

  • Side grooves on the lid visually confirm the closure
  • Different pulling / twisting devices in the lid
  • Material: polypropylene (PP). There are no harmful emissions during combustion.
  • correspond to TRBA 250 and ISO 23907

Available in different sizes.

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