Nadia Volf: The Mysteries of the Ear
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"The goal of this book is very simple: it is written for everyone discovering the extraordinary powers of the ear points." Nadia Volf, acupuncturist

Since ancient times, the human outer ear, or auricle, has been considered a tool for healing, corroborated by recent scientific research. Various points on the auricle serve a double function, providing information on the condition of the internal organs and other parts of the body, while at the same time serving as a control panel that makes it possible to “change the settings” when there is a malfunction. Rather like a computer keyboard connected to a computer network, the outer ear is connected to the entire central nervous system; pressing on one of the auricle’s “keys” affects the programming of the organism’s self-regulatory system.

The autor

Renowned European acupuncturist Dr. Nadia Volf, author of the Joël Robuchon cookbook Food & Life, and creator of the Auricular Causative Diagnostic method, passionately delivers the secrets of her art in this presentation of her science of auriculotherapy, inherited from ancient Chinese knowledge. A new title in one of Assouline’s earliest series, Mysteries of the Ear has a very simple goal: to reveal the extraordinary powers of the auricular points, making it possible to provide relief for everyday ailments.

Product characteristics

  • 183 pages
  • Format: Paperback, 22 × 16 cm
  • Publication: May 2016
  • Publisher: Assouline Publishing
  • ISBN (English edition): 978-1-6142-8464-2
  • ISBN (French edition): 2-7594-0753-5
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