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Vaincre la douleur par l’acupuncture | A01185149,52 €

Philippe Sionneau studied Chinese medicine in Beijing, Fo Shan and Wu Han. He is one of the few Westerners to have completed a full course in Chinese medicine at a university in China, the Hubei University of Chinese Medicine, from which he graduated with an official state diploma from the People's Republic of China, and has a bachelor degree which entitles him to practice Chinese medicine in any hospital in China. He is considered there as a doctor. He was the first Frenchman to have obtained this title in 1994.

A verbose writer and a valued author: 37 books published, in 6 languages!

Philippe Sionneau is a very active writer in the field of Chinese medicine. To date, he has published 37 books on the subject in 6 languages ​​and in 6 different countries. His work has been acclaimed both by the professional public and by leading specialists in Chinese medicine. He introduced to the West a lot of new fundamental information unpublished in many fields of Chinese medicine and in particular in phytotherapy, dietetics, acupuncture and internal medicine. Some of his books are used as textbooks in universities of Chinese medicine in the United States.

A lover of Chinese Medicine

Philippe Sionneau was quickly convinced that to understand Chinese medicine finely, you had to learn the Chinese language. This is what he did from the start of his studies. He reads Chinese fluently and bases his research only on the original Chinese texts. Thanks to this faculty, it has a direct link with the source. Chinese Medical and the terminology of Chinese medicine are essential for him for the orthodox and professional development of this medical art in the West. This is why he worked with his colleague Michel Jean, a glossary of medical terms in Chinese medicine (French-Pinyin-Chinese) with more than 14,000 different entries. It is currently the most complete lexicon in the West.

A renowned teacher, and an international speaker

Philippe Sionneau teaches regularly in France, but has also transmitted his knowledge many other European countries as well as in Canada, USA and Brazil. His pedagogue talents, his precise knowledge, his rigor and his energy make his lessons moments always highly appreciated and considered highly profitable by the participants. A great enthusiast and undisputed specialist, he offers some of the best advanced courses in Europe, and also offers online courses.

He was invited to several national and international congresses in France, Canada, Great Britain, the USA. In addition, he is very frequently interviewed by journalists or collaborated in the writing of articles for the general public press such as Le Point, Marie France, Santé Magazine, Bio Contact, Santé Corps Esprit, Ça m'interested or more specialized like American, English, French, Canadian, Australian acupuncture journals.

A practitioner dedicated to his patients

Philippe Sionneau's main passion is helping and caring for people who are suffering. He focuses his medical practice on the differential diagnosis of Chinese medicine and uses acupuncture, phytotherapy, dietetics and Chinese massage to treat his patients. He also transmits to his patients the simple health preservation techniques of the Chinese tradition so that each individual is able to increase their vital potential to prevent disease and achieve longevity and natural well-being. After practicing in France and a little in Switzerland, he set up his practice in Sitges, near Barcelona in Spain. Speaking Spanish, English and French, he receives Spanish and international clients.

Source: Philippe Sionneau's official website

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