Volf, Nadia: La Boussole des émotions
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A new paperback from Dr. Nadia Volf.

What happens in our body when life confronts us with shocks, traumas, ruptures, failures? The goal of this book is threefold: to accept, to understand, to make our body an ally!

With a long experience drawing on the best of modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, Dr Nadia Volf encourages us to take a more conciliatory and tender outlook on ourselves.

Our body speaks to us. Hearing him, listening to him in the trials of life, taking care of him makes us actors in our health.

While the help of doctors and specialists is sometimes essential, we must also rely on our internal strengths. Our body has an energy system, the main secrets of which are known to ancestral Chinese medicine.

This vital force, we too can stimulate it, thanks to the “tools” which are delivered to us in this work.

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  • XO Éditions, 2021
  • Format: 15,4 x 24 cm
  • Pages: 320
  • ISBN: 978-2-3744-8186-9


Nadia Volf (MD, PhD), neurophysiologist and acupuncturist, was born in Saint Petersburg. Majored at the Leningrad Faculty of Medicine, specializing in neurology, and was appointed professor at 26.

She is the author of several books at Éditions XO.

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