Hammers for RAC sensing
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For locating pathological points and to determine their energy state with the aid of reflex auriculo-cardiale (RAC) sensing.


If one holds the positive pole of the hammer close to a point that has a negative charge, this results in an influence charge. The same applies for the negative pole in the vicinity of a positively charged point. This can be determined by the RAC.

Those points that trigger a RAC when brought in the vicinity of the positive pole of the hammer should be needled in gold; points that trigger a RAC in the vicinity of the negative pole must beneedled in silver.

The black-white hammer serves to determine the needle metal with which the located point should be treated.

In the case of biotic points, a positive RAC signifies toning with the black side and sedation with the white side.

Antibiotic points react accordingly in reverse.

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