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In the Clinic Series

by Neil Gumenick
Item #: S-NG003

Approved by: IVAS, Standard Certificate, NCCAOM

Language: English

Course Length: 7.5 h

Access Period: Lifetime

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In the Clinic Series

Course Overview

This recorded webinar series is the next best thing to spending time in the clinic with Professor Neil Gumenick. Videos of actual patients are presented prior to treatment. Next, Neil discusses his diagnostic findings: Causative Factor, physical, mental, and/or spiritual level of the disease; pulse diagnosis, and point selection, including explanations of the choice of points in the context of the Law of Five Elements; the pulse findings, the spiritual connotations of the points, the action performed on each point, and the rationale for the precise order is discussed. Post treatment videos follow, after which, Neil analyzes the changes in the patient, particularly from the viewpoint of the vocal sound and emotion. Neil will then share the post treatment pulse findings, and strategize the next several treatments, with full explanations of each point chosen.  Different videos, patients, diagnoses, and treatment plans are presented in each session, offering a wide range of case studies, diagnoses, and strategies to be discussed and analyzed.  Notes for download are provided.

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Course Length 7.5h
Course Language English
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