Clinically Powerful Points for Dynamic Treatment Results

by Christine Chang
Item #: C-CC004

Approved by: NCCAOM, Standard Certificate, IVAS

Language: English

Course Type: Recorded Seminar

Course Length: 2 h

Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

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Clinically Powerful Points for Dynamic Treatment Results

Course Overview

Treatment protocols and specific points for diseases are found in many textbooks. However, these “textbook” protocols and prescriptions often lack relevant clinical details making their use seem somewhat experimental. In this course, Dr. Christine Chang will reveal the most powerful acupuncture points for over 25 conditions commonly seen in clinic. Based on her years of clinical practice and teaching experience, she will provide all the clinical details and nuances of these “Extra Special” points so that you can successfully and confidently apply them in your practice.

Course Objectives

  • Learn specific clinically effective acupuncture points for common conditions.
  • Gain an understanding of how to approach and use these acupuncture points, including location, angulation, and depth.
  • Learn important differentiating qualities of various conditions that you the practitioner must understand so that you can treat each patient’s conditions uniquely (ex. Types of insomnia and how to treat each type differently).
  • Review the basics: how do various TCM diagnoses appear (ex. Qi deficiency versus yang deficiency) and how to treat patients based off of these diagnoses instead of treating patients from a Western medical diagnosis.

Course Outline

0 hrs - 30 minHeadaches, Stiff neck, Bell’s Palsy and Meniere’ Syndrome - Acupuncture point protocols are covered.

30 min - 1 hrsKnee pain, Ankle pain, Heel pain - Acupuncture point protocols are explored.

1 hrs - 1.5 hrsLow back pain, Internal disease, Heart conditions - Acupuncture point protocols are covered.Insomnia, Hysteria, Constipation, Vision conditions - Acupuncture point protocols and nutritional suggestions are illustrated.

1.5 hrs - 2 hrsLiver conditions, Urinary conditions, Thyroid conditions - Acupuncture point protocols are covered.Recorded questions and answers, and case studies.


Dr. Christine Chang, DAOM, specializes in herbal formulas and Chinese nutrition, and brings this expertise to her private practice as well as serving as a faculty member at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. She is also the interpreter for the lectures of Dr. Wei Chieh Young.
Course Length 2h
Course Language English
Course Type Recorded Seminar
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