Managing Life Through the Four Seasons

by Christine Chang
Item #: C-CC001

Approved by: Standard Certificate, NCCAOM, IVAS

Language: English

Course Type: Recorded Seminar

Course Length: 1 h

Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

Access Period: Lifetime

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Managing Life Through the Four Seasons

Course Overview

The seasonal rhythms of nature have a very direct effect on our health. Having a conscious understanding of these seasonal and environmental effects adds additional support to your treatments. Living in harmony with our outer environment during the seasons will positively impact long-term health benefits. In addition, we have our own seasons of life that must be taken into consideration as we move through our life cycle. This recorded lecture will give an overview of mapping these two intersecting cycles and treatment strategies to promote healthy longevity of our patients.

Course Objectives

  • Gain an overview of the Four Seasons
  • Acquire practical and clinical knowledge of basic lifestyle choices that connect with the Four Seasons
  • Learn how to utilize organ clock time in daily life and for treatments

Course Outline

0 hrs - 15 minOverview of Four Seasons/farmer’s seasons

15 min - 30 minDiscussion on Five Elements

30 min - 45 minDifferent ways to use Gou Qi Zi with the seasons

45 min - 1 hrsDiscussion on Organ clock time


Dr. Christine Chang, DAOM, specializes in herbal formulas and Chinese nutrition, and brings this expertise to her private practice as well as serving as a faculty member at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. She is also the interpreter for the lectures of Dr. Wei Chieh Young.
Course Length 1h
Course Language English
Course Type Recorded Seminar
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