Master Tung's Magic Points: Beginning Series 1 - Course 1

Introduction & Magic Square

by Susan Johnson
Item #: C-SJ001

Approved by: Standard Certificate, IVAS, NCCAOM

Language: English

Course Type: Recorded Seminar

Course Length: 1.5 h

Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

Access Period: 1 Year

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Master Tung's Magic Points: Beginning Series 1 - Course 1

Course Overview

In this part, Susan gives an introduction to Master Tung’s points, and teaches the principles of the Magic Square. Some discussion topics include: how to best learn the points, a history of Tung’s acupuncture, and available resources.

Course Objectives

  • To give a brief history of Tung's Points in the US.
  • To explain the use of the Nine Stars of the Magic Square and how we can use it to help with the selection of points within Tung's Acupuncture system for structural issues and pain.
  • To offer a detailed description of points from Tung's system of points.
  • To offer how to learn this material, and give an overview of what will be covered and learned in the series.

Course Outline

0 hrs - 30 minIntroduction; how long it will take to integrate this material; information about the Advanced Series; keeping energetic lines clear; how Susan determines which points to choose; how to learn and needle the points; scalp acupuncture; hand points; History of Tung’s acupuncture, Master Tung, Dr. Miriam Lee, Dr. Young, scope of practice including bleeding techniques, how Susan learned the points, treating emergencies with bleeding techniques; Using the fewest possible needles, keeping clear energetic lines, needling points on the arms and legs, bleeding on the torso

30 min - 1 hrsDr. Miriam Lee and her clinic; Moxa post and bamboo cupping; Insights of a Senior Acupuncturist; The Magic Square; Bilateral vs unilateral needling patterns; Examples of Master Tung points chosen and how they ?t the Magic Square (1 trea,ng 9: 55.02 Flower Bone One…); 77.22-­?77.23 Beside Three Miles

1 hrs - 1.5 hrs88.25 Center Nine Miles (GB31); 77.18 Kidney Gate (Shen Guan); Discussion of addendum points; recorded question on: do you cup locally? Discussion about cupping; Case history: excruciating facial pain, the importance of experimenting and trying new things; All directions treat the center; recorded Q&A and case histories


A graduate of the ACTCM, Susan Johnson, L.Ac., has been practicing TCM for over 30 years. She studied extensively with Drs. Miriam Lee and Young Wei Chieh, and teaches Tung's Points internationally.
Course Length 1.5h
Course Language English
Course Type Recorded Seminar
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