Master Tung's Magic Points: Beginning Series 1 - Course 5

Points 11.16-11.27

by Susan Johnson
Item #: C-SJ005

Approved by: IVAS, NCCAOM (2), Standard Certificate

Language: English

Course Type: Recorded Seminar

Course Length: 1.75 h

Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

Access Period: 1 Year

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Master Tung's Magic Points: Beginning Series 1 - Course 5

Course Overview

In this part, points 11.16 through 11.27 (excluding 11.17 and 11.24) are covered. Some discussion topics include: active qi moving technique, cupping, Reaction Areas.

Course Objectives

  • Students will learn how to identify exact points on the hand, fingers, arms, legs and feet, and how they can be used to treat specific conditions.
  • Students will also learn how to treat hepatitis using specific points, and also treatment of other conditions.
  • Students will also learn about needle size and gauge for finger points.
  • To offer a detailed description of points from Tung's system of points.
  • To encourage further study of this remarkable body of work.

Course Outline

0 hrs - 15 minRecorded question about 11.01-11.05 Hernia Points; instruction on how to properly needle finger points; Recorded discussion about cupping; Needle size and gauge for finger points; Recorded question and discussion about Reaction Areas

15 min - 45 min11:16 Fire Knee (SI1); 11.18 Spleen Edema; 11.19 Heart Normal; Recorded case history: Treating hepatitis, liver and fatigue due to liver

45 min - 1.25 hrs11.20 Wood Inflammation; 11.21 Three Eyes; Recorded case history: bone cyst; 11.26 Control Dirt; Recorded case history: herpes of the eye, using a lancet to bleed the fingers and hand; 11.27 Five Tiger

1.25 hrs - 1.75 hrsRecorded case history: thumb pain; Recorded question about needling Five Tigers bilaterally; 11.27 Five Tigers; recorded Q&A and case histories


A graduate of the ACTCM, Susan Johnson, L.Ac., has been practicing TCM for over 30 years. She studied extensively with Drs. Miriam Lee and Young Wei Chieh, and teaches Tung's Points internationally.
Course Length 1.75h
Course Language English
Course Type Recorded Seminar
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