An Introduction to Abdominal Acupuncture

by Dave Shipsey
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Approved by: NCCAOM (4), Standard Certificate, IVAS

Language: English

Course Type: Recorded Seminar

Course Length: 4.25 h

Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

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An Introduction to Abdominal Acupuncture

Course Overview

Abdominal acupuncture is a relatively new form of acupuncture which was developed by Prof. Bo ZhiYun over the course of approximately 20 years, it was introduced in China in 1991. It is still relatively unknown in many parts of the West and offers a comprehensive and powerful system to treat a multitude of Muscular-skeletal, painful, acute and chronic conditions (see Dave Shipsey’s book “Mastering the Art of Abdominal Acupuncture, a concise guide to treating numerous painful conditions” the only book written in English on this topic). It is a Micro-System with Mega Power, for many reasons, which will be detailed in this webinar. Abdominal acupuncture is easy to incorporate into your practice, it is simple to learn and once the subtleties of this system are understood and refined it can be performed in a fast effective and reliable way. It offers clients an almost pain-free form of acupuncture that has many nurturing effects which enables it to give a multitude of side benefits that are more far reaching than regular acupuncture. It allows many problems to be treated in one session without the need for complicated prescription formulation or complex diagnosis. This webinar is designed to give you an understanding of all aspects of Abdominal Acupuncture necessary to utilize this wonderful pain - free system in your clinic. You will discover why abdominal acupuncture packs such a powerful therapeutic punch, and you will also learn a number of tried and tested methods to treat a variety of commonly seen painful conditions. The theory is supported with real life case histories from Dave Shipsey’s practice. There are also two live demonstrations which will allow you to observe the subtleties of abdominal diagnosis, point location, abdominal needle techniques and formulating abdominal prescriptions. You can observe the abdominal treatment protocol in a step - by - step manner, so that you are confident to use this system upon completion.

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Course Objectives

  • Gain an appreciation of the theory behind Abdominal Acupuncture (AA).
  • Gain an appreciation of the importance of using AA landmarks and recognizing abdominal patterns will be attained, thus ensuring correct abdominal point location.
  • Understand the Anatomical significance of AA points to ensure fast diagnosis and treatment.
  • Obtain a deeper comprehension of AA points used will assist with formulating prescriptions.
  • Gain an understanding of empirical prescriptions.

Course Outline

0 hrs - 30 minDiscover the main principles behind the theory of Abdominal Acupuncture and how Prof Bo. discovered and refined Abdominal Acupuncture using Ren 8 (Shenque) as the epicentre of abdominal.

30 min - 1 hrsLearn about the different depth’s or levels which abdominal uses and about the Miraculous Turtle and the Bagua.

1 hrs - 1.5 hrsLearn all you need to about abdominal point location, how to find the start point and how to locate the special unique Ab points.

1.5 hrs - 2 hrsThe regular function of points used on the abdomen are discussed and then the special significance of all the abdominal points will be explained to assist you to understand the logic behind the use of points in abdominal prescriptions.

2 hrs - 2.25 hrsWe look at the importance of the abdomen as a diagnostic tool, you will learn how to interpret different signs from the abdomen, such as the shape of the naval and what that might mean to enable you to formulate your prescriptions better.

2.25 hrs - 2.75 hrsYou will discover how to find and interpret the ahshi points that are relevant to particular treatments. A number of standard abdominal prescriptions are explored in detail with attention to the uses and special functions of each prescription.

2.75 hrs - 3.75 hrsYou will learn the importance of your posture and your clients, so that treatments are more effective. You will learn how to gain more information from the needles, and how adjusting needle depth can maximize the impact of ahshi points.

3.75 hrs - 4.25 hrsYou will learn how to formulate your own prescriptions and you will also learn a number of tried and tested abdominal prescriptions for treating Lumbar and Sciatic pain.


Dave Shipsey is a Registered Acupuncturist, author, and International teacher of Abdominal Acupuncture. Dave has been teaching Abdominal Acupuncture since 2011 and published the first English book on the subject “Mastering the Art of Abdominal Acupuncture”, in 2015.
Course Length 4.25h
Course Language English
Course Type Recorded Seminar
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