SMAC Webinar Program - Module III (Lower Extremity) - Course 3

Assessment & Treatment of the Channel Sinews

by Brian Lau, Matt Callison
Item #: C-SMAC003

Approved by: NCCAOM, Standard Certificate

Pending Approvals: IVAS

Language: English

Course Type: Recorded Webinar

Course Length: 8.5 h

Course Notes: Notes are provided with this course.

Access Period: Lifetime

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SMAC Webinar Program - Module III (Lower Extremity) - Course 3

Course Overview

Instructors: Brian Lau and Matt Callison This 2-day workshop developed by Brian Lau and Matt Callison highlights how the myofascial channel sinews (jingjin) contribute to efficient movement patterns and balance major joint structures of the lower extremity. Focus is on understanding how these channels are involved in postural and myofascial imbalances that can contribute to lower extremity and foot injuries. Practitioners will learn to accurately assess knee, ankle and foot imbalances with functional movement examinations, orthopedic examinations and manual muscle testing. “Acupuncture as an Assessment” strategies are used to build treatment protocols using innovative acupuncture strategies in combination with very effective myofascial release techniques that help to align the musculoskeletal system, decrease tension, reduce pain and enhance healing of the injured tissue. Brian Lau has been practicing structural integration techniques for over 20+ years and brings his experience into teaching the acupuncturist effective myofascial release techniques that can be applied immediately after the practitioner’s acupuncture treatment. These incredible and easy to learn structural integration techniques strongly reinforce the practitioner’s treatment protocol and helps to reduce needle soreness. Your patients will notice a difference in their movement immediately after the treatment! This class sets up the Assessment and Treatment of the Lower Extremity Injuries course, which is taught live in-person.

Course Objectives

  • Learn lower extremity myofascial pathways correlate with functional anatomy.
  • Learn the tissues belonging to each sinew channel and their functional anatomy relationship.
  • Learn in theory how to determine which my myofascial sinew channels need to be assessed and treated for musculoskeletal injury.
  • Learn normal and abnormal movement patterns of the lower extremity, ankle/foot complex and its relationship to the sinew channels.

Course Outline

0 hrs - 2.5 hrsIntroduction and overview of the Assessment and Treatment of the Channel Sinews.

2.5 hrs - 4.5 hrsDiscussion of acupuncture as an assessment and how it affects the sinew channels. Discussion of assessment and treatment of the tissues within Kidney and Urinary Bladder jingjin.

4.5 hrs - 6.5 hrsDiscussion of assessment and treatment of the tissues within Liver and Gallbladder jingjin.

6.5 hrs - 8.5 hrsDiscussion of assessment and treatment of the tissues within Spleen and Stomach jingjin.


Brian Lau, AP, CSMA, is certified in both Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Structural Integration. He has been on faculty since 2013 with the Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification (SMAC) program, where he teaches anatomy and physiology, assessment and treatment of the channel sinews (jingjin), and myofascial release.


Matt Callison is a renowned instructor and published author of the Motor Points and Acupuncture Meridians Chart and quintessential texts such as the Motor Point Index (MPI) Reference Guide and Sports Medicine Acupuncture: An Integrated Approach Combining Sports Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has over 27 years of experience in sports medicine and acupuncture.
Course Length 8.5h
Course Language English
Course Type Recorded Webinar
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