Acupuncture Treatment for Pi Diseases in Shang Han Lun

2020 Rothenburg Congress Recording

by Hui Zhang
Art.No.: C-HZ001

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Language: English

Course Type: Recorded Webinar

Course Length: 3 h

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Acupuncture Treatment for Pi Diseases in Shang Han Lun

Course Overview

As defined in Shang Hang Lun or Discussion on Cold Damage, pi (?) or glomus refers to the condition featured with distention or fullness, pain and other discomfort in the stomach and chest region. There are 11 different patterns in pi disease, which covers the common conditions of digestive system disorders with the characteristic of the spleen and stomach qi dynamic dysregulation i.e. the rebellions stomach qi and sunken spleen qi. According to Shang Han Lun, a patient may present pi-disease when the cold pathogen invades from Taiyang because of the wrong use of purging methods. The presence also correlates to the constitution of qi xu (deficiency) in the middle jiao. If the ascending-descending dynamic is disturbed in pi disease, water or phlegm may retain in the middle jiao and chest. The commonly used points include SP4, PC6, BL20, -ST36, P9, RN12, etc. to supplement the middle qi and balance the ascending-descending dynamic of the spleen and stomach. Nowadays, pi disease can be seen in the following conditions: Digestive System Diseases, Cardiovascular System Diseases, Kidney Diseases, and Others: pregnant vomiting and Meniere's syndrome etc. 11 Patterns of pi Disease: Cold pi, Exterior Yang Xu, Heat Pi, Shaoyang Pi,Water Pi in Middle Jiao, Sanjiao Water Retention, Water Pi in Chest, Chest Phlegm Pi, Rebelling Phlegm Pi, Xu Pi, and Lower Jiao Xu Li after Pi Disease

Course Objectives

  • Introduction
  • 11 Patterns of Pi Diseases treated with acupuncture and herbal medicine (Part 1)
  • 11 Patterns of Pi Diseases treated with acupuncture and herbal medicine (Part 2)

Course Outline

0 hrs - 1 hrsHistory of Pi in Huang Di Nei Jing; explanation of the original texts on Pi diseases in Shang Han Lun; modern diseases under Pi disease; research, and Pi in Yi Jing.

1 hrs - 2 hrs11 Patterns (Part 1): cold pi, exterior Yang xu, heat pi, shaoyang pi, water pi in the middle Jiao, Sanjiao water retention.

2 hrs - 3 hrs11 Patterns (Part 2) and summary: water pi in the chest, chest phlegm pi, rebelling phlegm pi, deficiency pi, lower-Jiao xu li.


Hui Zhang, Ph.D., is a Chinese Medicine Doctor, Researcher and Educator. Having trained at Chengdu University of TCM in China, he is now based in Denmark. Hui lectures regularly in Denmark and China.
Course Length 3h
Course Language English
Course Type Recorded Webinar
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