Dai Wen Heat Plaster

Size: 5 x 7 cm ● 12 pieces

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Duoke TDP Minerals Pain Plaster

analgesic plaster ● 6 pieces

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from 10,50 € from 8,93 €
Jin Si Gao Cooling Plaster

Size: 18 x 14 cm ● 6 pieces

from 10,95 €

Moxa heat patches

Heating patches (or heat pads) and moxa patches are popular alternatives to traditional moxibustion. These patches are suitable for everyday use and can generally also be worn during work without restrictions. The most popular heat dispensers are readily used for back pain, neck pain or tension and are valued for their wearing comfort. The pain patches are directly stuck onto the appropriate place on the body and emit heat for a long period of time, thereby contributing to the alleviation of pain.
Some heating patches generate a sustained heating effect lasting up to 16 hours and reach temperatures of approx. 40°C. Heat generation is generally achieved through an integrated pad made of non-toxic zinc oxide, which emits heat upon contact with oxygen.

Well-known brands for self-activating heating patches or heat pads include Thermacura and Herbachaud, whose patches contain an additional therapeutic herbal mixture. This mixture may also be composed of mugwort depending on the manufacturer.
Manufacturers such as La Jiao Feng Shi Gao from China offer special chilli patches, with which the capsaicin contained in the chilli additionally stimulates blood circulation and thereby intensifies the heating effect.

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