Moxsafe by Seirin
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The latest development in the field of moxibustion is the Moxsafe produced in Japan.

Nomen est omen, since this form of moxibustion is safe and smokeless. Moxsafe consists of a ring-shaped Moxa holder made of stainless steel and a mugwort coal ring. Moxsafe is mounted on a metal needle and briefly ignited. The generated heat is then directly transferred to the needle and thus accesses the appropriate skin area precisely.

The mugwort coal burns for 6 minutes. The solid ash remains safely on the Moxa holder, i.e. the Moxa holder prevents ash from falling down. After a cooling period, Moxsafe is removed and disposed of like a metal needle.

Moxsafe in combination with a metal needle (from 30 mm in length) allows for an elegant and precise form of heat treatment for therapists and patients.

Product details

  • Needle Moxa made of a mugwort coal ring on a Moxa holder for metal needles
  • Burn time: 6 minutes
  • Made in Japan

Available in two package variants:

  • Pack of 20 coal rings on metal holders
  • Pack of 100 coal rings and 6 separate metal holders
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