Pre-Cut Needle Moxa
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Pre-cut Moxa Rolls for the heating of acupuncture points made of Chinese Artemisia argyi mugwort. Conveniently cut to standard size.

  • Available individually (500 per pack) or as 10 each lined up on wooden skewers (200 per pack)
  • Burn time including smouldering phase of approx. 7 minutes when ignited on both sides and of approx. 10 minutes when ignited on one side
  • Delicate aroma, but more aromatic than Japanese Moxa
  • Made in China

The Moxa rolls are available in the following variants:

Moxa rolls on wooden skewers

  • Dimensions: approx. 1.6 x Ø 1.2 cm
  • Pre-perforated on a wooden skewer and lined up in 10 pieces
  • 200 Moxa pieces per pack

Moxa rolls loose

  • Dimensions: approx. 1 x Ø 1 cm
  • 500 Moxa pieces per pack
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