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Moxa coal - Smokeless moxa for gentle heat therapy

The burning of mugwort in the context of moxa therapy almost always results in the generation of smoke and odour. Many doctors and alternative medicine practitioners prefer not to carry out moxa treatments in their treatment rooms or practices for safety reasons or due to the odour. A practical alternative is low-smoke moxa, also referred to as moxa coal.

Low-smoke moxa coal is manufactured from pressed mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris). The compact, finely ground mugwort is burned under airtight conditions, in a similar manner to the coking process. Later burning of the moxa coal releases less smoke and odour, the coal does not crumble, and the generated heat is very even. Many therapists also appreciate the solid ash.

Low-smoke moxa is available for almost every treatment method: there are moxa sticks or moxa cigars, moxa cones, adhesive moxa and needle moxa made of moxa coal. At acupunctureworld, you can purchase low-smoke moxa coal for every area of application of moxibustion conveniently online.