Mueller Sport Care Pre-Tape Adhesive Spray
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The quick-drying adhesive spray is perfectly suited to preparing for the attachment of Kinesio tape. Simply apply the adhesive agent to the skin before taping. The spray is colourless and compatible with almost all kinesiology tapes - regardless of whether this is physio or sport tape. It protects the skin from irritation and provides the taping with better grip.

Ingredients: Butane - Acetone - Heptane - Isopropanol - Propane - Resin.

Warning: Container is pressurised. Protect against direct solar radiation and temperatures above 50°C (120°F). Highly flammable! Do not pierce or use or store in the vicinity of heat sources or open flames. Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. Product contains propellants. Only use in well-ventilated rooms. Do not inhale. Seek medical advice immediately if swallowed or excessively inhaled. Not suitable for children. In the event of skin irritation or redness - wash off the product - consult a physician and do not continue to use the product. Avoid frequent and excessively prolonged skin contact.

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