Qing Liang You Balm
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The Qing Liang You muscle and joint balm from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) penetrates the skin and can be used in the case of muscle tension and joint pain. After use on the affected skin area - a soothing and pleasant warmth spreads quickly. Ideal for aching muscles after sport or for tension.

The balm is applied to to the desired area of the body several times a day. Subsequent covering of the body area prolongs the warming effect.

Available in

  • white: normal strength version
  • red: extra strong version


Paraffinum Molle Alba, Paraffinum, Mentholum, Oleum Eucalypti, Oleum Methae, Camphor, Flos Caryophylli, Oleum Cinnamomi, Oleum Camphori.


Do not apply balm to wounds or irritated skin areas. Avoid contact with the nose, mouth and eyes. Do not use the balm in children.

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