Caitlin Donovan

Caitlin Donovan
Cait Donovan is one of New York City’s leading burnout experts, host of “Fried – The Burnout Podcast,” and author of the book "The Bouncebackability Factor: End Burnout, Gain Resilience, and Change the World". Her master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine enables Cait to combine Eastern wisdom with her natural practicality. After performing more than 25,000 acupuncture treatments, Cait added 1:1 coaching, corporate workshops, and keynotes for companies such as PTC, Lululemon, Nexthink, Teradata, Vedder Price, Marsh and Mclennan, and Workplaceless – all with a focus on ending burnout culture.

She has been featured on podcasts and online magazines such as “Forbes”, “NPR”, “The New York Post”, “Thrive Global”, as well as quoted in Oprah Magazine.

Cait and her husband spent 12 years living in Europe, but now make their home in New Jersey. When Cait is not speaking or coaching on burnout, you can find her and her husband hiking, walking with Flora (their white fluffy dog), rowing, golfing, or cross-country skiing.

Courses taught by Caitlin Donovan

Burnout 101: Heal Your Patients, Heal Yourself

By Caitlin Donovan

Language: English

Course length: 2 h

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