Peter Torssell

Peter Torssell
Peter Torssell works clinically and teaches Food as medicine and classical Chinese medicine with the motto "Take as much as possible into consideration and make it as simple as possible, and from that use simple and daily measures to get good results for an individual and empower the patient"

Peter has been in clinic since 1988, treating patients using Acupuncture, food regulation and herbs. Peter received his Bachelor of Chinese medicine 2005 from Jiangxi university of TCM.

Peter is the head of Akupunkturakademin in Stockholm as well as a teacher there. Peter is the author of book on Chinese food therapy (first edition year 2000) and on DIY Dao. Peter also lectured as guest lecturer in Swedish universities, and in different countries such as Belgium, Ireland, England, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Poland on how to regulate health with Chinese food therapy - Yinyang & Four types.

His experience also includes clinical practice of Chinese medicine and acupuncture in Nanjing, 1989, and clinical practice of herbal medicine in the pediatric department with mainly Dr. Yang Menglan and xiao er tuina in Beijing 1992. Peter has studied Classical Chinese medicine under sinologist Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee since 1995.

Courses taught by Peter Torssell

Yin Yang & Four Types - Food as Medicine

By Peter Torssell

Language: English

Course length: 6.5 h

Kurs: ab 107,25 €