Christopher Estes

Christopher Estes
Christopher M. Estes, MD, MPH, IFMCP is a dedicated and compassionate physician whose career has evolved from extensive experience with medically complicated patients. He became frustrated seeing people get passed from one specialist to the next without ever addressing the source cause of their medical problems. He now works to discover those causes for a broad array of medical conditions, no matter how complex. His practice at Miami Beach Comprehensive Wellness Center involves an integrated array of therapies for women and men, including functional medicine evaluations, intravenous and ozone therapies, platelet rich plasma and stem cell therapies and quantum biofeedback. In addition to these Western modalities, he integrates herbal medicine, Acutonics® and energetic medicine into his daily practice. His specialties include management of mold, Lyme and other environmentally acquired illnesses, gastrointestinal issues and dysbiosis, autoimmune diseases, natural approaches to fertility, hormonal management and comprehensive detoxification programs. Dr. Estes has extensive experience in the field of medical education and has won local and national awards for his teaching and mentorship efforts. His current educational focus is to encourage healthcare providers of all types to incorporate complementary modalities from multiple schools of thought to enhance their ability to care for their patients.

Courses taught by Christopher Estes

A Functional Medicine and Energetic Approach to COVID-19

By Christopher Estes, Emily Rowe

Language: English

Course length: 3.25 h

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