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Streitberger Placebo Needle Set

for Sham Acupuncture. Each set containing: ● 100 Streitberger Placebo-needles (0.30 x 30 mm) ● 100 asia-med Special Nr. 16 (0.30 x 30 mm) ● 200 Rings for placebo-needles ● 1 set

from 185,00 €
from 110,00 €

Top quality acupuncture needles - The basis for virtually painless acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture as a form of medical treatment emerged more than 2000 years ago in China and has to date been an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Acupuncture also reached Western medicine long ago and has established itself in Europe alongside conventional medicine as a recognised alternative healing method.

Acupuncture needles are inserted into the skin to stimulate tissue and stimulation points. Most acupuncture points (or "acupoints") lie on the meridians; the points referred to as "Ashi acupuncture points", or trigger points, can lie alongside the meridians and be very painful. Acupuncture points are stimulated in acupuncture through various puncturing techniques to bring chi (or "qi"), the life force of the body, back into balance.

Nowadays, acupuncture plays an important role among doctors and alternative medicine practitioners in the treatment of illnesses or pain. This is how acupuncture has proven itself effective in the treatment of migraines, back pain, knee pain and arthrosis. The cost of treatment is now covered by health insurance providers in the case of some illnesses.

Whether or not an acupuncture treatment is largely painless for a patient depends crucially on the quality of the needles used. Only high-quality acupuncture needles with a precise, sharpened tip allow for a gentle puncture. In our shop, you will find a wide range of high-quality acupuncture needles suitable for this, which you can purchase conveniently online.

Acupuncture needles - Brands, needle types and differences

Brands and needle types

Our own brands Asiamed and TeWa stand for outstanding and uncompromising quality, which is ensured through continuous quality control in Germany. You can of course also find other reputable acupuncture needle manufacturers at acupuntureworld, such as Seirin, Sedatelec, Cloud & Dragon and Dong Bang.

In our extensive range, you can find the right needle for every application. Alongside traditional acupuncture needles for body acupuncture with different types of handles, we also stock needles for auricular acupuncture, hand acupuncture and facial acupuncture. Our needles have diameters between 0.12 and 0.35 mm and needle lengths of 7 to 100 mm; the lengths are even shorter for permanent needles.

Almost all our needles are available both coated with silicone and uncoated. The coating ensures a gentler puncture and improved slidability. The coating is also extremely thin and naturally meets all medical requirements. The frequently used guide tubes are also available inclusively or optionally for most needle types. All acupuncture needles are sterile-packaged in individual or multiple blister packs with 5 needles (Speed Packs) or even 10 needles.

Types of handles of acupuncture needles

The following types of handles are available:

  • Plastic handles
  • Copper spiral handles
  • Metal spiral handles
  • Metal tube handles
  • Gold-plated and silver-plated with spiral handles
  • Permanent needles
  • Hand acupuncture needles

The type of handle used depends on the personal preferences of the acupuncturist and the planned form of treatment.

Plum blossom hammers, which are used in TCM for people with fear of needles, can also be found in the online shop of acupunctureworld.

The right acupuncture needle for every form of treatment

Traditional acupuncture

In traditional acupuncture, the needles are inserted into the skin or further into the tissue depending on the procedure and skin area. To stimulate the acupuncture point, the needles can be gently turned, lifted, lowered or even tapped. This form of treatment is possible with almost all types of needle.


In moxibustion, the user makes use of the stimulating property of heat applied to acupuncture points. For this heat therapy, dried mugwort is generally used and depending on the type of treatment is applied in the form of loose moxa, which is stuck onto the heat-resistant acupuncture needles, moxa cones, or moxa cigars. All products for moxibustion can be found here.


In electroacupuncture, a mild electric current is applied to a needle. The handle of the acupuncture needle is ideally conductive and provides sufficient grip for the current clamps of the device. This allows the point for acupuncture to be additionally variably stimulated. Acupuncture points can even be stimulated with EMS and TENS devices (for electrical muscle stimulation or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), which also work with mild electric currents. All products for electroacupuncture can be found here.

Semi-permanent acupuncture

Acupuncture with semi-permanent needles is an integral part of auricular acupuncture. In this form of acupuncture, the acupuncture needles remain in the body for several days and thereby allow for more prolonged stimulation. Our acupuncture permanent needles can be found here.