Pre-Cut Needle Moxa Rolls - Hunan

for placement on the handle of the ● acupuncture needle (warm-needling) ● 200 pieces

from 10,35 €
from 14,85 €
Ondan Smoke-Free Moxa

moxa cones, Japan ● 450 pieces

from 110,00 €
Pre-Cut Needle Moxa Rolls - Nan Yang

on skewer. ● 200 pieces

from 5,00 €
Charcoal moxa cones (Dong Bang)

Size: Ø 2 cm x 2.4 cm ● 50 pieces

from 29,50 €
Smoke-Free Moxa Sticks (Han Yi ) with hollow center

11 x 1.4 cm with hollow center ● 5 pieces

from 3,20 €
Gu Gwam Moxa

for burning bowl, Korea ● 200 pieces

from 7,50 €
Moxa Sticks (Artemisia Argyi)

21 cm x 1.6 cm ● 10 pieces

from 4,65 €
Meridius Manina Moxa by Meridius - Low-Smoke

Size: Ø 18 x 24 mm ● 40 pieces

from 14,50 €

Needle moxa – Targeted heating of acupuncture points

Needle moxa is intended for indirect heat therapy with the moxa placed on an acupuncture needle.

Moxibustion with needles was developed by Japan's Akabane Kobei in the 1920s. The therapy is also referred to as the "hot needle" technique and is nowadays used successfully by many doctors and alternative medicine practitioners worldwide. Mugwort is stuck onto an acupuncture needle made of metal and ignited to heat the therapy point. The requirements for even smouldering of the moxa are a uniform consistency and the fineness of the fibres.

Needle moxa are available in various designs. The mugwort is offered loose and can be formed into small moxa beads, which can be stuck onto needles. Needle moxa are also offered in the form of pre-cut moxa cylinders or can be cut oneself from certain moxa cigars. The cones wrapped in paper can be stuck onto an acupuncture needle more easily and mostly burn longer and more evenly than self-formed beads due to their size. The cylinders allow for good control of heat generation, because they have a uniform size, consistency, solidity, quality and consistency, depending on the type.

In many cases, the use of a moxa holder is sensible because a small amount of smouldering mugwort can fall from the needle during moxa treatment. This holder is a small umbrella made of metal that is fitted onto the acupuncture needle. Any hot ash that might fall from the attached moxa is caught by this umbrella and thus ensures a comfortable treatment for the patient. The burnt moxa and the moxa holder can be safely removed with a moxa spoon, which has a slit that allows it to be pushed onto the needle under the moxa. An alternative is low-smoke needle moxa, also called "moxa coal". This pre-burned coal made of mugwort burns evenly, generates a rather solid ash, has hardly any scent and emits almost no smoke.

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