Kinesiology tape and supplies for exercise therapy, physiotherapy and sound therapy

Physiotherapy is both a form of training and the external application of remedies, with which especially the mobility and functionality of the body should be recovered, improved or maintained. Alongside the pedagogic and manual competencies of a therapist, treatment is supplemented by natural and physical stimuli such as cold, heat or even pressure. The key component of "physio" is exercise therapy, which is a treatment and exercise programme tailored to the needs of the patient and that generally requires active participation by the person being treated. Elements of physiotherapy overlap with ergotherapy. Heat and cold therapy also count among the forms of physiotherapy. These therapies are used locally for problems with the locomotor system or in sports medicine, for example.

At acupunctureworld, you can purchase many products necessary for your therapy approaches, such as Kinesio tape, therapy putty, Thera-Band, warm-up oil, cooling gel, massage ointment or cold compresses conveniently online. This includes a wide range of singing bowls and gongs, which are used in sound therapy.

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