Moxa cigars or moxa sticks

Moxa cigars are intended for indirect moxibustion in the context of a TCM treatment. This form of moxa therapy does not involve contact between the skin and the smouldering moxa wool. The moxa cigar or moxa stick made of mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) and wrapped in paper is brought into the vicinity of an acupuncture point to indirectly heat and stimulate this point. Moxa cigars for this treatment method are mostly filled with coarse to semi-coarse mugwort, which generates more intense heat when burned than a finer quality mugwort.

Moxa cigars can be cut into cylinders and placed smouldering on the skin with a ginger or garlic slice as padding, for example. The heat generated in doing so should not be too intense or uneven; for this reason moxa sticks, which are filled with a finer moxa wool of higher quality, are used to ensure a comfortable moxa treatment for the patient.

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