Here you will find sets specially adapted to the needs of specific acupuncture courses.

These sets contain the needles and acupuncture instruments used in the respective course or recommended by the teachers.

Equipment for your course!

Our sets are adapted to the lessons of different teachers, such as:

  • Philippe Sionneau
  • Courses by the Association Scientifique des Médecins Acupuncteurs de France - Ecole Française d'Acupuncture (ASMAF-EFA)
  • Scientific Association of Medical Acupunture in Greece (SAMAG)
  • Institut Sino-Franco-Vietnamien des Médecines Traditionnelles Orientales (IFVMTO)
  • Acuseminars from the Académie Dr Nadia Volf
  • Didier Vandesrasier

Use our inexpensive and practical offers in one package without having to search for "your" products ans needles.