Streitberger Placebo Needle Set

for Sham Acupuncture. Each set containing: ● 100 Streitberger Placebo-needles (0.30 x 30 mm) ● 100 asia-med Special Nr. 16 (0.30 x 30 mm) ● 200 Rings for placebo-needles ● 1 set

from 185,00 €
asiamed Special

Content: 100 needles

from 9,50 €
asiamed Standard

Content: 100 needles

from 9,50 €
TeWa CB-Type

Content: 100 needles

from 4,10 €
TeWa CB-Type - Special Sizes

Content: 100 needles

from 4,70 €
TeWa 5CB-Type Speed Pack

Content: 1,000 needles

from 29,50 €
TeWa CJ-Type

Content: 100 needles

from 4,20 €
TeWa CJ-Type - Special Sizes

Content: 100 needles

from 5,10 €
TeWa CJ-Type Safe-T Sleeve

Content: 100 needles

from 5,00 €
C&D CB-Type

Content: 100 needles

from 4,25 €
TeWa CB-Type (s)

Uncoated ● Content: 100 needles

from 3,60 €
TeWa 5CB-Type Speed Pack (s)

Uncoated ● Content: 1,000 needles

from 24,25 €

Acupuncture needles with copper wire handles

Acupuncture needles with copper spiral handles—traditional Chinese acupuncture needles—are one of the most popular types of needle. The handle made of copper wire gives the acupuncture needle a special feel. Experienced acupuncturists value the flexibility of the needle handle, which allows for especially precise control of the needling. Experienced therapists obtain direct, tangible feedback from patients as a result of this flexibility. Copper is extremely conductive and is exceptionally well suited to stimulation current therapy (EMS or TENS) and heat therapy using moxibustion. The heat generated by needle moxa is evenly and quickly directed to the acupuncture point.

In general, acupuncture needles are available with copper handles both coated with silicone and uncoated, and optionally available with a guide tube. The different types of needle are packaged in individual blisters, multiple blister packs, or so-called "Speed Packs". Furthermore, every package is labelled with a colour code that indicates the needle diameter. This allows you to access the desired needle size quickly and straightforwardly during acupuncture treatment.

The acupuncture needles with copper spiral handles available at acupunctureworld are made of medical-grade stainless steel and possess an outstanding sharpened tip.