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Jin Si Gao Cooling Plaster

Size: 18 x 14 cm ● 6 pieces

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Thermo therapy - Heat patches and cold compresses for pain and tension

Heat therapy is one of the oldest medicinal methods and is used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), natural medicine and in Western medicine, such as in physiotherapy or therapeutic exercise. In heat therapy, heat is used as a core remedy in illnesses of the locomotor system, for example. This should stimulate circulation, ease muscle pain, cramps or tension, and alleviate pain. Cold therapy, meanwhile, is readily used in the field of sports, such as to treat bruises and swelling.

Heat as a remedy in muscle pain and muscular tension

Heat is supplied to the area to be treated in different ways. In massages, special heating salves or warm-up oil with camphor are used to stimulate blood circulation. Self-heating patches, pads or bandages such as those from HerbaChaud or Thermacura, meanwhile, develop a physical heat, while other heat compresses may release a heat stimulus by means of capsaicin, which is found in the chilli plant. This kind of thermal patch is therefore also referred to as a chilli patch. All patches can act to relieve pain, inhibit inflammation and ease tension depending on the application.

Cold as a treatment method: Cooling pads, cold sprays and more

Heat therapy is not always the appropriate treatment method. In many cases the exact opposite brings about an improvement: cold therapy. This mild form of cryotherapy is used, for example, to treat bruises, swelling or particular forms of joint inflammation. Examples of available products to alleviate patients' symptoms include freeze sprays, cold packs, cold compresses and cooling gels.

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