Servobox Safety Container - 5 L

Height: 195 mm. Ø top: 200 mm ● 1 piece

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from 1,45 €
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FFP2 Masks

40 (20 x 2) pieces

38,45 €

Hygiene and disinfection - Acupuncture supplies from disposal containers to Sterillium

Disinfectants for doctors and alternative medicine practitioners

Hygiene and absolute cleanliness are a requirement in every practice. For this, various disinfectants for surfaces, instruments, hands or acupuncture equipment are required to ensure cleanliness, asepsis, and in some cases even sterility. At acupunctureworld, you will find products from renowned manufacturers and brands such as Cutasept, Meliseptol, Sterillium, Softasept, Korsolex and Helipur in different sizes, from disinfection sprays to canisters. Special disinfectants for thermosensitive and thermostable instruments are also available.

Disposal containers for cannulas, needles or lancets

Just like syringes, acupuncture needles and lancets must be disposed of after treatment or bloodletting. Suitable cannula disposal containers that comply with general hygiene regulations offer a solution here. Cannula containers from Rigibox or Servobox safety containers allow for the uncomplicated disposal of medical waste.

Medical crepe paper - Rolls of paper and reclining surfaces for medical beds

Rolls of paper as reclining surfaces on treatment beds must not be missing from any practice. Medical crepe paper should fit on the respective medical bed, and for this we offer rolls of crepe paper in different lengths and widths.

At acupunctureworld, you can purchase medical disinfectants, disposal containers for needles, and rolls of paper as reclining surfaces for medical beds conveniently online.