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Red Flower Massage Oil

Content: 50 ml ● 1 piece

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Medicated Oil - Eagle Brand - 24 ml

(ZhongGuoJiRouLaShangYaoYou) ● 1 piece

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Massage oils, creams, lotions and ointments for acupressure, cupping therapy and scraper massage

Massage oils and ointments are used in many cases, both for massage and acupressure, in scraping techniques like gua sha, and in cupping with cupping jars. These oils and ointments should protect the skin, facilitate treatment, ensure smooth gliding and prevent injuries. The applications are diverse but also essential. This requires an excellent quality of oil and ointment.
Only top quality, skin compatible massage oils, creams and ointments satisfy the highest requirements that doctors, alternative medicine practitioners, therapists and patients place on their treatment. Neutral oils from Cosimed or orange oil from Liscio, for example, are perfect for many treatments. We of course also offer purely plant-based, all-natural base oils without additives, such as almond oil from Liscio, that are also suitable for mixing your own massage oils.

From horse balm to cooling or heating creams, tiger balm, marigold ointment and horse chestnut soothing gel, with us you will find premium brand products for almost all applications: at acupunctureworld, you can purchase massage oils and massage supplies, creams, lotions and ointments of excellent quality conveniently online.