Loose moxa - The right quality for every moxa treatment

Loose moxa is made of Chinese mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) and constitutes the original delivery form of the moxa herb. Loose moxa can be used in any type of moxibustion, be this smouldering moxa beads in acupuncture or moxa rolls for indirect treatment.

The quality of the particular moxa is often especially easy to recognise. The finely chopped leaves of the mugwort shrub are processed into moxa wool through drying. The fewer coarse parts of the plant, such as stems or stalks, that are additionally processed, the finer the quality of the wool. Through storage, essential oils and moisture evaporate little by little from the wool and manifest as a mild and slight odour during burning. The fineness of the moxa wool and the duration of storage have a significant impact on the quality and price of the moxa herb. However, the highest quality grade is not suitable for every treatment. The best quality moxa generally burns softly, evenly and less hot than coarse moxa of lower quality. For certain treatment methods such as indirect moxa therapy, more intense heat generation may be explicitly desired.

Moxa boxes are suitable for the treatment of larger skin areas. The mugwort ignited in the moxa box radiates heat throughout the box very evenly and extensively.

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