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Hwato SDZ-II Digital

Stimulator ● 1 piece

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GB-3 Moxa Therapy Device

Electric Moxa Device ● 1 piece

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Moxa devices and TDP lamps - Heat from infrared lamps for modern moxa therapy

A certain amount of smoke and odour, which accompany the burning of mugwort, almost always arises from moxa therapy. Moxa therapy is therefore not possible in many practices and treatment rooms for safety reasons or due to the unpleasant odour.

When even the use of low-smoke, pre-burned moxa coal is impossible, electric moxa devices offer a comfortable alternative. These devices are infrared lamps that work with a wavelength in the infrared range and that possess a special electromagnetic spectrum that is very close to that of mugwort. The name "TDP lamp" comes from the Chinese "Teding Diancibo Pu" and essentially means "special electromagnetic spectrum". These infrared lamps contain a plate made of 30 different minerals, which generates a particularly long-wave infrared light (2-25 μm) for irradiation.
Such heat lamps can be very precisely aligned and also very precisely adjusted. The duration and intensity of the heat are thus determined and controlled by the therapist, which increases the patient's comfort and also the safety of use.

A special form of heat treatment is a biospectrum energy lamp, which is a treatment device for electromagnetic irradiation and physiotherapy. This device has a broad spectrum, ranging from infrared to microwave wavelengths. Biospectrum lamps can be used to accelerate healing processes and to treat chronic diseases.

At acupunctureworld, you can purchase electric moxa devices without smoke or odours, such as infrared and TDP lamps for moxa therapy and biospectrum energy lamps, conveniently online.