Acupressure patches instead of acupuncture: Bead patches, magnet patches and seeds

Ball and magnet patches can be an alternative to acupuncture needles and permanent needles in sensitive patients, children or people with fear of needles.

Sensitive patients can be treated without receiving acupuncture by instead using ball patches, magnet patches and seeds. The acupuncture points are stimulated by the balls in the patch, without injuring the skin. Precisely placed on the acupuncture point, the balls in the ball patch stimulate the acupuncture point with pinpoint pressure.
The magnet patch, meanwhile, contains a small magnetic ball that is suitable for magnetic therapy. Such patches are highly valued as an alternative to permanent needles.

At acupunctureworld, you will find vaccaria seeds (also referred to as "ear seeds"), magnet and ball patches as well as silver- and gold-plated press pellets, and special acupressure patches ideally suited to Korean hand acupuncture. Almost all available patches are in unobtrusive skin tones or transparent and very well tolerated by the skin.