Self-Adhesive Moxa Cylinders - Low Smoke (China)

with a hole in the base for the moxa heat and a ● hole on the side for air passage. ● 200 pieces

from 18,40 €
Adjustable Moxa (CMC)

Size: 1.2 x 0.8 cm ● 120 pieces

from 11,25 €
Tae Keuk Self-Adhesive Moxa

Dimensions: 8 x 10 mm ● 225 pieces

from 6,90 €
Meridius Manina Moxa by Meridius - Low-Smoke

Size: Ø 18 x 24 mm ● 40 pieces

from 14,50 €
from 14,15 €

Adhesive stick-on moxa – Heat therapy with moxa cones placed on the skin

Adhesive moxa means moxa cones or moxa cylinders that can be directly stuck onto the skin with or without padding. Adhesive moxa is often used in combination with an acupuncture treatment. Moxa cones for adhering to the skin are made of mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) and are supplied with a self-adhesive base on the underside or rolled up in cardboard packaging. A hole is generally found in the base so that the heat can reach the skin during burning. The burning time and heat generation of adhesive moxa varies depending on the type, size and manufacturer of the mugwort or moxa coal.

Given the constant risk of ash or embers falling onto the skin in the case of moxa with smouldering mugwort, a convenient alternative is low-smoke moxa, also referred to as moxa coal. The pre-burned coal made of mugwort produces more a solid ash, even heat, and significantly less smoke and odour.

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