Laser acupuncture devices - for the sensitive patient

Laser acupuncture is the pain-free alternative to classic acupuncture with needles and is used worldwide in TCM research and therapy, ear acupuncture and the treatment of pain. They are characterized by their variety of therapeutic uses and their high efficiency.

Laser devices have been specially developed for the following main areas of application and are particularly suitable for

  • Laser acupuncture
  • Sports Medicine
  • Orthopaedics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pain Therapy

Laser for gentle, holistic diagnosis and therapy

Medical laser devices can be divided into two main groups:

  1. Laser for surgical use (Power: 4-100 W)
    Due to their high performance, these can potentially have a cutting effect. These lasers are invasive and classified in laser class 4.
  2. Laser for biostimulation/biomodulation (power: 30-500 mW)
    The lasers for biostimulation and laser acupuncture are non-invasive and are classified in laser class 3B. The power is usually between 30-500 mW, but can also be higher (Cl. 4 without focusing).

Lasers of laser classes 3B and 4 require instruction. Employees who use these devices must be instructed in the therapeutic use by qualified sales personnel.

In some countries, the costs of laser therapy can be covered by health insurance.

We at acupuntureworld offer you 3 device classes from the group of non-invasive lasers:

Laser to treat

  • Acupuncture points and small areas, class 3B (e.g.: LaserPen)
  • Points, small, medium and large areas, class 3B (e.g.: Physiolaser Olympic / LightNeedle)
  • Small, medium and large areas, class 3B and 4 (e.g.: Satellite / LightStream)

Advantages of modern technology in laser acupuncture

The consistent implementation of the latest laser technology now enables the production of compact, mobile laser devices. Extremely simple handling combined with a maximum range of functions as well as high performance and frequency accuracy guarantee functional and mature therapy concepts.

The optimal lasers are programmable and have optimized application programs. Current frequency research can be taken over and put into practice via comprehensive frequency memories. Diagnosis and therapy (acupuncture and surface treatment) are possible with frequency mode, according to Bahr and Reiniger (RAC diagnostics) and in continuous beam mode.

The wavelengths of the RJ laser devices are in the "optical window" of the lowest absorption by water, hemoglobin, melanin for optimal depth effect. Depending on the device type, they contain wavelengths from the visible blue-violet 405 nm to the invisible infrared 904 nm.

The modern, ergonomic design of today's laser devices enables comfortable and efficient work. All lasers offered here are light, portable and quick to install anywhere.

Extensive accessories such as tripods, equipment trolleys, area probes, applicators, fiber optics or protective goggles complete the range. All lasers manufactured by RJ can also be used with interchangeable applicators, tailored to specific areas of application.

Laser for professional use

The following points should be considered when selecting a therapy laser:

  • Sufficient power to allow depth/area effect in an acceptable time
  • wavelength (lowest absorption by e.g. water and melanin)
  • Modulation, i.e. pre-programmed biofrequencies, therapy programs, own protocols
  • Accessories such as attachments for points and areas available
  • Possibility to expand

What is "sufficient"?

Performance and duration of therapy:

An example for rough orientation 500 mW (808 nm) cw reduces after approx. 2 cm of tissue to around 2 mW of power.

It takes about 15 minutes to get 2J at the destination! With an area of ​​the usual 5 cm2, that would be more than 1 hour of therapy. 15 W, on the other hand, is achieved by 2J within 33 seconds, which would be approx. 2 minutes of therapy for an area of ​​5 cm2.

From this it follows that low power is only suitable to a limited extent for an effective amount of energy at the target location (deep effect), since the exposure time is too long. For acupuncture and trigger points, the energy density of the laser must be high enough to produce a threshold stimulus. Class 2M lasers are rather unsuitable for this in practice.

Simplified formula for calculating the duration of treatment:

The therapy time results from the desired energy output and the power of the laser. If the power is reduced, the therapy time is extended accordingly.

Time in seconds Energy in joules Power in watt
T = E W

Our service for you - personal advice when choosing the right acupuncture laser

Do you have any questions about our acupuncture lasers or would you like advice? We would be happy to advise you on finding the right device for you.

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